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10 Top Reasons To Stay At Salt Spring Mercantile B&B

1    Private ensuite bathroom, complete with rainfall shower and soaking tub.
2    Petit kitchen makes your holiday easier.
3    Sunny south end Salt Spring location, half way between Fulford Harbour and Ganges.
4    Even if its raining, you will be warm and dry in an all season glass covered solarium, with heated floors and adjusting doors.
5    Yummy picnic breakfasts of freshly baked treats and locally grown produce, delivered to your door.
6    Your own private outside entrance.
7    Wood burning fireplace with an unlimited supply of wood.
8    You like vineyards.
9    If you need great cell reception, WiFi, cable TV.
10    You are cared for by amiable hosts,  the creators of Salt Spring Vineyards B&B and River Run Cottages B&B in Ladner, British Columbia.

Solarium Salt Spring Bed and Breakfast

10 Top Reasons NOT to Stay at Salt Spring Mercantile B&B

1    Not enticed by romance. (Both our 2 previous Bed and Breakfasts were awarded “4 kisses”, the highest rating by Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest.)
2    You are so used to traffic noise you doubt you can sleep without it.
3    Croaking frogs might keep you awake.
4    You need the beeping sounds of garbage trucks backing up to wake you.
5    Just “chilling out” with a good book and a glass of wine on the patio or in the solarium seems like a waste of time.
6    The munching of lawnmowing sheep (Dot, Frosty, Freckles) bothers you.
7    You prefer to ramble through someone else’s house on the way to your bed and breakfast room.
8    You think the joy of building a crackling fire is exaggerated. You prefer the odor of propane burning rather than the fragrance of wood smoke.
9    You are crazy for frilly decor, you find modern farmhouse interior design a bore.
10    You are afraid you might become addicted to Salt Spring.